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Lovers Eye 90 x 90cm

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Lovers Eye 90 x 90cm

Regular price $265 Sale

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90 x 90cm
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Udo believed that eyeglasses were a superior accessory because they combined the science of vision with the mystical eye, elevating them to be luxury items. He believed luxury should “demand something of the wearer” and not be for everyday use. His obsession with re mysticism of the eye was expressed in his art as well. During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries a more innocent interpretation of the eye as a simple love token appeared on the scene in the form of a miniature painting. A “lover’s eye” is a painted miniature of the giver’s eye, presented to a loved one. The notion accompanying this gesture was that the eye would be recognizable only to the recipient and could therefore be worn publicly, keeping the lover’s identity a secret. Painted in watercolor, the miniatures were set in rings, pendants, brooches and lockets. Udo was a romantic and explored this mysticism, painting dozens of his Lovers Eyes directly onto silks. 

- 100% Silk
- Hand stitched rolled hem

Available Sizes

- 90 x 90cm
- 45 x 45cm

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